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Family Transformation Session 

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$125

One-on-One Transformative Healing Session 

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$88.88

Distant Reiki Healing 

. Duration:45 mins··. Price:$77.77

Private Coaching for Inner Child Sacred Healing 8-Sessions

. Duration:1 hr 15 mins··. Price:$1,212

Complimentary Sacred Consultation 

. Duration:15 mins··. Price:Free

Level 1 Reiki Certification 

. Duration:10 mins··. Price:$177

Inner Child Sacred Group 4-week program

. Duration:1 hr 30 mins··. Price:$777

About us

My Mission is to support each ©Transformee in transforming their inner child pain into purpose. It’s a path towards learning how to re-parent your inner child and Self-Partner with your adult self as you reach your highest potential. It’s the path from a caterpillar to a bold and beautiful butterfly!

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6 reviews
  • Naomi Normaine·

    What an amazing experience it has been working with my beloved sister Keachia. I had so much trauma, fear and such low self worth. After just one session Keisha unlocked mysteries about myself I didn’t know. Not only has she helped me discover and learn to love and reparent my inner child, but she has also given me precious insight and tools to transform my pain into purpose. I’m on session 6 at this moment and I am lighter and more free than I have been my entire adult life. Keachia has a true gift. This journey has been transformative from day one. I highly recommend working with her and I am going to continue this journey with her wisdom and guidance indefinitely. I can’t say enough about her passion and ability to help people in impactful ways than shift lives to higher levels of peace and healing. I’m so grateful. Thank you so very much Keichea.

  • Key·

    Since starting the Reiki sessions I have felt a sense of relief with each session. I feel a little bit more of a push in the positive direction. I was not originally a full believer in Reiki and healing, I guess it takes the right healer and spiritually connected person such as Keshia to truly tap in and assist you with energetically, physically, and mentally releasing years' worth of traumatic stagnant energy such as I had. I am so grateful to have been introduced to her.

  • Key·

    If I had not been introduced to her webinar, I don't know where I would be. I was at my lowest and continue to work with her to get myself to a better place. The first session was an eye-opener to all I have kept suppressed for so long. This woman's energy and spirit gave me a feeling of peace and safety to open up as I had not with the previous therapist at another company. On my journey to Healing.

  • A Joye Monique·

    Get a tall bottle of water ready when your Virtial reiki session is complete. It’s an experience that I won’t soon forget. I wish I had done this way sooner, but as they say all things happen at the right time. The reiki session was like an unleashing of buried trauma that needed to be thrown up and out my being. Yeah like that! There’s no confusion or unseeing what was shown to me. Now, I’m on to healing and releasing ALL things that do not serve my well-being.

  • Jacqui·

    Sister Keachia always gives me a new way of thinking. Every time I leave a session I’m leaving with a different outlook. A clearer outlook and full of hope and optimism. I have never felt more comfortable with sharing my feelings. When I share something with Sister Keachia I know that I’m not being judged. I’m so thankful Spirit lead me to her. She is definitely here for the healing!

  • Taleya·

    My first session was amazing ! I’m so happy to have found Keachia. She legit made me understand so much with just our first session ❤️. Im excited to learn more + grow with her. Please don’t hesitate on booking your healing journey with her.

    Thank you Keachia 💜

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